Dan Lok: “Educating is the New Marketing”

Yesterday before leaving for my office, my attention was suddenly fixed on a youtube video which discuss about marketing in this digital age. The thing that attracted me was a point delivered by Dan Lok, the expert interviewed in the vlog.

One important point in marketing these days according to Dan Lok is: “Educating is the New Marketing” [source].

Maybe a little weird that this page suddenly discuss about marketing. However, the actual purpose of launching rumahdaribambu.com can not be separated from my efforts in learning entrepreneurship. Something that is difficult to get in an office environment. Therefore, this website was launched. Well, in line with Dan Lok’s point of view, rumahdaribambu.com also following the same approach. Rumahdaribambu wants to provide educative added value and benefits to the readers, by helping them to gain other perspectives in designing small and simple urban houses with the use of natural materials such as bamboo in buildings.

However, in order to truly deliver the benefits, one important question should be answered: “What are the fundamental issues facing by many people regarding urban houses, especially in big cities, and what feedback do they need”?

I started rumahdaribambu.com without previously doing any research on this subject. Therefore, the benefits that the readers can get from this page have not been so noticeable. In this post, I will try to dig things / information which might be needed by the reader to assist them in planning and designing their own urban house. I hope, with this approach, the next article relates better with the readers.

General search

When you start this small “search,” the first thing that might be helpful is to find common questions that often come up. Like everyone else in general, first am going to google search page. A few moments of surfing, I started to land on the Google Trends page, a tool that might help me understand what the “market” needs.

A few minutes exploring the functions of Google Trends, giving a bit more information about what the general public demand is (especially for people with access to the internet). The trends that appear are quite interesting when I enter a house keyword by enabling a territorial filter so that Google Trends only displays data that exists in the territory of Indonesia only.

educating is the new marketing
Trends on search term “rumah” or house in Indonesia (Source: Google)

educating is the new marketing
The search trends of the term “rumah” or house in DKI Jakarta (Source: Google)

Search term ‘home’ turned out to be the most that come from Banten region. While this search term originating from Jakarta region was only in 18th position (which I think has a large search volume). In addition, related searches show more searches for the word ‘hospital’ (rumah sakit) as a companion of the search term ‘house’ (in Bahasa Indonesia, rumah means house/home and sakit means sick). Is this a sign that the health aspect is a very important aspect for Indonesians? Hmmm .. maybe.

Furthermore, I try to enter the term “urban house” as a search variable, this is given the actual benefits that rumahdaribambu.com discuss this topic. The results indicating the need for information on urban homes are quite volatile, and tend to decrease this year. In fact, when compared to the word “minimalist house” and “room” as a search variable, the word “urban house” has much lower visibility. Hmmm … this is quite interesting, considering that the average person (who have access to Google) more concern with the term “rooms” compared with the term “house” as a whole. Meanwhile, the phrase “minimalist home” gets much higher attention, which is perhaps one of the effects of the booming phenomenon of gated-community developments by the developers in Indonesia. Perhaps.

educating is the new marketing
Search trends of term “rumah urban” or urban house in Indonesia (Source: Google)

educating is the new marketing
Comparison between three search terms “rumah minimalis”, “rumah urban” and “kamar” in Indonesia (Source: Google)

Browse Term Suggestions

Looking at the results of comparison data above certainly raises the next questions. I tried to browse the search term suggestion feature on the Google search form as soon as we write the search term there. Some of the questions follow the keyword I entered in the form is enough to give us an idea on how broad the discussions could be.

educating is the new marketing
Question related to strategy of buying house (Source: Google)

educating is the new marketing
Question regarding how to design a house (Source: Google)

educating is the new marketing
Question related to strategy for building a house (Source: Google)

Looking at some of the questions that came up when I searched with a particular phrase gave me an even broader picture of issues that may be faced by others as well as myself regarding the fulfillment of the housing needs. Issues such as “gradually building a house”, “how to buy a house without lending”, and many other issues still need to be discussed.

It seems, Dan Lok expression is true. In the context of residential homes, there are still many residential-related issues faced by the people especially in big cities, which require realistic answers and solutions. Although it is not a complete answer and solution, I believe when we try to provide alternative answers and solutions to such problems, at least we have contributed to the good of others.

Thus, it is clear, that rumahdaribambu.com still have much to learn to be able to provide greater benefits, especially for its readers. Hopefully!

Thank you for reading! 🙂

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