Bamboo Bedroom

Lately we are accustomed to buildings made of artificial materials such as cement, concrete, steel and so on. The use of natural building materials that are easily found around us is often underestimated. This is possible because most lay people do not know how to install and place building elements made from natural materials in the room to create a cool natural impression.

In this article, tries to collect bamboo bedroom ideas from various sources. Hopefully it can be a source of inspiration for all readers.

Tentai Bamboo Platform Head

These bed made from bamboo can provide an interesting and modern and natural accent in your bedroom. With a unique design which accentuating the streaks of the color of the bamboo stems make your bedroom look more elegant. Straight line pulls combined with curve elements at the corners make Bamboo Platform Bed like this one the best furniture candidates to fill your bedroom!

The price of furniture made of bamboo itself is in the range of 1473 USD.

bamboo bedroom
Tentai bamboo platform bed (Source:

Dark Brown Bamboo Bed

This dark brown bamboo couch can certainly make the atmosphere of your bedroom cooler. The dark brown color of the bamboo is very suitable when combined with classic and even modern-tropical architectural styles.

The design of this bamboo couch is arguably very simple but still reveals an elegant and not cheap impression.

If you are interested in this bed model, you can browse the page and look for bedroom furniture that fits your home concept.

bamboo bedroom
Dark brown bed (Source:

Whole Bamboo Bed

Cots made from whole bamboo are arguably very minimalist and simple. Besides that, the appearance looks very natural because large bamboo sticks are directly arranged into a couch frame.

Strong and stable impression is immediately obtained when we see this couch made of bamboo in the bedroom. Of course this kind of bamboo couch will be very comfortable when placed and combined with the concept of a semi-open bedroom so that it remains in contact with the fresh outside air.

When you wake up in the morning on this couch with semi-outdoor rooms, of course, you can directly breathe the relief and pollution-free morning air. In the long run, this is certainly good enough for your health.

bamboo bedroom
Semi-outdoor bamboo cots (Source:

Bamboo Bed with Mosquito Net

Bamboo cots with mosquito nets like this are very suitable for husband and wife especially those who are on honeymoon. The presence of mosquito nets in addition to the impression of being covered also naturally protects against mosquitoes and disease-carrying insects.

The elegant display of cots will be very suitable to be combined in a residential house with shades of tropical architecture with the dominant color of dark brown. The cool impression of bamboo is neutralized and balanced with the impression of a warm white mattress.

bamboo bedroom
Bamboo cots with mosquito net (Source:

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