New Year House Decor Ideas

New year eve is one of the right moments for you to reorganize your home tidy up a little bit. Here we present you “10 New Year House Decor Ideas“!

New year eve will comes in days. This year, maybe not much has changed in your house. The colors, furniture, room area, and various knick-knacks in your house are still the same as before. Well, if you feel a little bored with the appearance of your house, new year eve is one of the right moments for you to reorganize your home tidy up a little bit.

If you read or hear the word house decor or house renovation, maybe what comes to your mind is that home improvement efforts that will be quite costly. This assumption is not entirely correct. Actually, to be able to bring a new impression in your home, you can do simple things without having to spend huge amount of money.

Here are some simple house decor ideas that we hope will help you decide what kind of renovation you will choose to be applied in your house.

1. New Wall Paint Color Option

You can actually do a fairly light renovation like changing the nuances of your house’s paint. You can change it only in certain rooms such as the living room, family room, dining room, or bedroom, or repainting your the whole house, whether interior or exterior.

In addition, you can also replace the nuances of paint only on certain elements of your home, such as doors / shutters and frames, railings, furniture, and so on. Free your imagination and try experimenting with new colors or with new types of paint such as textured paint for example. Don’t be afraid to try.

You can try applying ivory or warm white shades to your room, for example, bright blue for your bathroom, or other colors that are of interest to you, which can create a feeling of being at home. However, you still have to remember that you are not recommended to combine various colors randomly which actually has the potential to bring out the color composition in your home.

Also pay attention to the color theory, and how one color interacts with another color which in turn can create nuances and atmosphere. Thus the room that you are renovating will really present the impression that you want homy.

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2. Use Partition

During this time when building a house, often we limit the room with solid / rigid boundaries such as stone or brick walls. In fact, we can just make a number of rooms without having to make a permanent bulkhead which sometimes creates the impression of an increasingly narrow room.

If you look at some traditional houses, for example, a Javanese traditional house has a room divider called gebyog. Gebyog is mostly solid wood, but there is also a simpler gebyok which has a perforation / hole so it is not completely solid / closed. Another example is in traditional Japanese houses that have room dividers using shoji paper that can be transparent and not solid.

Of course this can also be applied when you are renovating your home. You can put room partitions to create a new room according to your needs, for example you can divide your family room which is quite large into two rooms, a family room and a children’s playroom by adding partitions. However, indeed this really depends on the condition / area of ​​the room that you will arrange, so that your creativity as a house occupant is indeed needed.

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3. Install New Docerative Elements

If all this time the walls of your house, or the corners of your room look flat and there is no accentuation whatsoever, maybe you need to try adding new decorative elements to your room.

You can add paintings, photos, abstract pictures, hanging carvings, puppets, posters, calligraphy, and various other decorative elements on the walls of your room. You can also add other decorative elements in the corner of your room such as pots and interesting plants. Of course, if you add plants as a decoration element in your room, you also need to make sure that every day the plants get enough sunlight so that the condition is maintained.

In addition you can also add decorative elements to the shelf such as small vases, photo frames in frames with stands, medals, ceramic plates or metal that you buy from a souvenir shop when you go abroad for example, or various other decorative elements which you can make yourself / your own work. However, of course you still have to pay attention to the composition, not to get too many decorative elements on the shelf so that it makes the room look crowded.

house decor ideas
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4. Change the Configuration of Furnitures

One idea of ​​home renovation that is minimal in cost is by changing the configuration of furniture in your home.

For example, you can just change the direction of the sofa, long bench, bookshelf, credensa and other furniture so that you get a new atmosphere or face a new direction in your home room.

You can also separate or combine several pieces of furniture into one group to produce a more spacious room. You can do it regularly, for example every six months. Of course, besides being able to refresh the atmosphere and feel of your home room, you can also save your pocket right?

5. Install Artificial Lighting

Most of you might not worry too much about this one problem, lighting. Both natural lighting and artificial lighting play an important role in architecture.

Lighting that is planned and installed properly can create ambience that is also priceless.

With natural lighting or artificial lighting, you can engineer a room in your home to bring a romantic, fresh, natural, and various other nuances.

Unfortunately, for this one idea, sometimes it takes not a little if we insist on using armature and lights that are well designed.

Well, to keep the house renovation through this lighting arrangement still at a minimum cost, you can use energy-saving lamps such as LED lights for example, or keep using the lights that you already have, but combined with armature or lampshades that you can create yourself.

6. Put Wallpaper

For those of you who don’t want to be bothered with a lot of renovation efforts, you can choose this method.

However, although it is quite practical, this method still requires a fee. The cost you have to spend to buy wallpapers can be quite expensive. However, after being installed, this wallpaper can beautify your room for quite a long time. So, if calculated, it could be the cost of renovating the room by using this wallpaper is still affordable considering the existence of wallpaper maintenance costs in the form of wall paint can be reduced.

7. Paint Your Wall

The term mural I think is familiar to you now. You who want to do a light renovation at home, you can consider this one idea.

Painting a wall now is indeed one of the options to beautify the room that you can do. Indeed, some who use murals to decorate walls are mostly public rooms or rooms in commercial places such as hotels, meeting places, airports, terminals and other public places. However, that does not mean you cannot apply this idea in your home. You can still make murals on the walls of your home, but for that you should plan carefully beforehand.

This is because to make murals it takes time, focus, energy and skills that are not small. Thus, it must be ascertained from the beginning of the object or subject that we want to draw and appear in the mural, how the style of drawing, what color choices are so that we do not regret later after the mural is finished. Well, if you make a nice mural, of course you will be proud, right?

8. Install Bamboo Curtain

You can slightly change the nuances and atmosphere of the room in your home when you do a home renovation by installing curtains.

Curtains are usually installed in windows or doors. In the window, the function of the curtain is usually as a damper of sunlight which goes straight into the room. While in the door (which is without doors) curtains are usually installed to maintain privacy between one room with more private space.

Some curtain options that you can choose include bamboo blinds (curtains), fabric curtains or curtains, beaded curtains or shells, and other types of curtains. In principle, if you choose this idea, you must consider what the curtain will function for. Thus, the curtain can be on target.

9. Use a Recycled Decorative Element

One that might rarely be thought of by people is to use waste objects to be used as decorative elements.

Actually, if we are observant, we can arrange the remnants of objects in such a way that they can function as decorative elements. If you have seen Kang Emil’s (Ridwan Kamil) residence, for example, you certainly can understand that it turns out that used glass bottles can also look attractive if they are well-composed.

The key here is how to compose attractive and elegant patterns / patterns from materials derived from waste objects. In addition to creativity, of course for this one idea also required courage. How, dare you try it?

10. Time to Tidy Up!

Well, I think the 9 ideas above are enough for you. Stop reading this house decor ideas article, prepare the tools you need, and start practicing them!

Good luck! 🙂

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