Tiny Living Room with Bamboo Nuances

Have you ever heard of suggestions for honor our guests? Yes, honoring guests is one of the things that is highly recommended in religion. By honoring guests, we are actually doing good to ourselves. Now, one of the things we can do to glorify guests is to keep our living room clean and attractive!

Even though the living room in our house is a fairly small living room, this does not mean we cannot make it much more attractive.

One of the things that can be done to make our tiny living room more attractive is to bring bamboo nuances in our living room.

Bamboo as we know it is an easily available material in Indonesia. Besides being easily available, the price of bamboo is quite affordable when compared to wood. Indeed, the durability and impression produced by wood is more durable and firm and gives the impression of being more luxurious. However, environmentally bamboo is more sustainable than wood because bamboo is easier to grow and harvest in a much shorter time.

Bamboo decor (Source: www.4ingo.com)

The use of bamboo material to beautify the nuances of the living room can be done in various ways.

One way that can be done is to use bamboo as a decorative element. As the photo above, bamboo in the living room is used as a room sweetener by placing bamboo blades regularly – vertically on a white wall. This of course creates an interesting impression between white walls with a fine finish combined with bamboo blades that look more rough and look natural.

Aside from being a decorative element, you can install laminated bamboo flooring in your living room. You can use bamboo laminate as a substitute for wood / parquet floors which are usually more expensive. However, you have to be more careful and take care of your bamboo floor carefully considering that bamboo material is different from the parquet floor.

If you install laminated bamboo floors (both vertical and horizontal fibers) you need to make sure that the floor is not always clean of water / quite dry. In addition, during installation you also need to ensure that the installation of laminated bamboo flooring is quite neat so as to minimize the occurrence of arches on the floor due to expansion.

Plyboo strand bamboo flooring (Source: plyboo.com)

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