Once upon a time, I created a sketch on a piece of paper. I then pasted the sketch on the cabinet door. Apparently, that pencil strokes is the forerunner of the launch of rumahbaru.com. A page, which was originally thought as a channel of ideas about home and bamboo. At a minimum, this page can be a means for me to share a small amount of my knowledge. Hopefully this little things can be transformed into good deeds.

Apart from the nostalgia about the shaded background of bamboo where I played as a child, rumahdaribambu.com wanted to offer the readers urban and bamboo houses as the main topic of conversation. I hope to be able to periodically upload ideas, drawings, design concepts, doodles on urban homes that utilize bamboo materials as one of its main materials. Hopefully, this page can also be a recollection for us the man of the city about the village. A place where the city originally originated.



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